KHK Group

About KHK Group

Vision and Mission

Our goal is to deliver excellency
in every aspect of operation.

KHK Group is a Malaysian holding company for KHK Land, KHK Investment, and KHK Plantation. The Malaysian corporation was founded by Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong in 2016. Spearheaded by the successful Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, we operate as a group of companies and have a proven track record for the past 30 years in our investments.

We offer significant and diversified portfolios, ranging from property developments to financial investments and plantations. We are committed to delivering luxury residences, with a dedication towards comfort living while creating meaningful values for owners. Our goal is to deliver excellency in every aspect of our operations.

Three Entities of KHK


is involved heavily in property development. The brand is a major shareholder for property development projects in Australia, including luxury residences, exceptional town homes, luxury high-rise apartments, home state, high-end retreat and residential parks.

KHK Investment

is an investment arm of KHK Group managing the invested assets of KHK. Our team scouts for opportunities in different industries all around the globe.

KHK Plantation

is the agriculture and plantation arm of KHK Group. We have a diversified portfolio of plantation ventures including but not limited to rubber, palm oil, and durian.