KHK Plantation, the agricultural and plantation arm of the esteemed KHK Group, is spearheaded by its visionary founder, Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong. Our mission is to introduce and elevate the Malaysian durian industry on a global scale, while establishing a robust and integrated durian agribusiness value chain.

With an extensive landbank spanning diverse regions in Malaysia, our portfolio encompasses thousands of acres of plantations. Leveraging our vast experience, KHK Plantation has successfully cultivated a sustainable and efficient agribusiness within the durian industry.

Driven by cutting-edge agricultural technology and a wealth of expertise, we are steadfast in our commitment to advancing the cultivation, operation, and management of durian plantations. Our unwavering focus is on elevating the qualitative and quantitative productivity of the durian supply chain.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the agriculture sector, KHK Plantation remains dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of excellence.